School Unilaterally Ending a PPT is Unprofessional, but not Necessarily Illegal


I was at a PPT for a client a few weeks ago. My client and I were strongly advocating for her daughter and it was obvious that the administrator in charge was overwhelmed. Suddenly, the administrator ended the meeting. The parent said she was not finished, but the administrator said that she had to end the meeting because of a “contractual agreement” with her staff. And the meeting was adjourned against the parent’s wishes.

On investigation, I found there was no “contractual obligation.” The administrator just felt like ending the meeting, and so she did. I filed a complaint with the state.

It turns out that, while the investigator on the state level agreed the school administrator was unprofessional, it did not constitute a violation of the IDEA.

What I will do in the future, is, before every PPT for a client, I will specify that the school-based team be prepared to stay as long as it takes to complete the PPT, and there be no time limit. If they insist on a time limit, I will insist that my client’s issues get to be addressed first.


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