Show Me the Policy


School districts expect and (dare I say) hope that parents don’t really know their rights under the IDEA.

For instance, they so often site “policy” as a reason to deny a request from parents. If parents verbally ask for a PPT meeting soon after a previous PPT, shool may say “it is not our policy to have a PPT meeting so soon after another one.” Unwitting parents usually will accept the answer without following up with the vital question “please tell me where I can find a copy of that policy”

Or, a parent asks for more testing because she thinks her son may have an additional fine motor disability that hasn’t been identified. The  staff member may say “we don’t do that until the third grade.” Parents should ask ” where does it state that your practice is to wait until a child is in third grade to identify and provide intervention for a child with fine motor disabilities?”

Or when a parent requests a specific person to evaluate their child when granted an Independent Educational Evaluation, the school may say “Dr. Smith does not meet our criteria for an Independent Evaluator.” Parents should respond “Please show me a copy of the district’s ‘criteria’ and tell me exactly how Dr Smith doesn’t meet standards.”

Schools are public agencies and must be transparent with their rules, regulations and policies (among many other things). Never accept a “policy” that is in any way detrimental to your child getting all the services he or she needs.




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