Due Process Open to the Public


Request a Public Due Process Hearing if you ever get that far. Why? Because it is ugly. School districts, especially wealthy ones here in Connecticut, hire hard-nosed attorneys who torture parents in cross examination, are purposely intimidating and mean to parent’s witnesses, and groom the school’s own witnesses to, at best, stretch the truth beyond recognition. They make it a traumatic experience for families.

With  public sunshine on the proceedings, these attorneys must behave much better – which diminishes their power. Usually, they will settle the case rather than expose themselves to the public.

Public hearings can be a powerful defense for parents. Unfortunately, parents often have to badger and insist that their own attorneys be willing to hold a hearing in public. It seems that no attorneys like  to be exposed to the public.  I wonder why?

I can’t stress the power of having a hearing open to the public enough. At best, you will force the district to settle quickly in your favor. At worst, you will be dealing more subdued opposing attorney.

One last piece of advice. If your own attorney openly opposes a public hearing, consider finding another attorney.


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