Is Your Child’s IEP Fully Implemented?


How do you know that your child’s IEP is being followed? There are ways to check.

Every day I ask my daughter if she had her Physical Therapy, or Occupational Therapy or whatever service she was supposed to have that day. If she says “no” (which does happen) I will send an email to the administrator in charge of her case and tell her that “my daughter told me she did not have PT today, can you tell me when the session will be made up?”

I recommend that all my clients follow up with their children in this manner and then send an email to the school if something is not the way it should be.  I know this will not win friends with the school staff, but it will keep our children from being denied the full program and services that are promised in their IEPs.

It is hard enough just getting the services into the IEP. It is vital to be sure they are being implemented.

I call myself a “hornet” because I, figuratively, swarm the school do be sure my child is taken care of. I am sure it makes me unpopular – but – I know my daughter is being taken care of.


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