Record It All


Everything that happens between a member of school staff and parents (or their child) must be written down and documented for the record. I know it is an onerous task, but necessary if parents want to succeed in obtaining the best education possible for their special needs child.

To that end, I strongly recommend audio-recording (on a digital recorder for easy transferring onto disc, or into an email) everything. Definitely PPT meetings – but let them know you are recording it beforehand, All formal and informal meetings with staff. I don’t tell them that I am recording. The purpose of recording is being able to listen to them later to transcribe the important information.  Most of us can’t remember it all, so this tool helps to remember and document everything significant.

Since my purpose is NOT to use the recording for legal purposes, there are no legal repercussions in recording.

Once you have transcribed the important information (important to you). You must organize it into a memo to the school to “recap the substance of our meeting, for the record.” It will annoy the school that you have such a great memory of the meetings.

It really is imperative to keep documentation of your side of the story at all times. This is excellent ammunition to keep the district from daring to go to due process with you, and crucial if there is a due process hearing.

In order to win, you must have a winning case before a hearing.


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