The Mouse is Guarding the Cheese!


Every district is required to have a compliance officer who oversee that the district is complying with the federal laws, Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The funny thing is that most districts designate the director of special education as the compliance officer.

That was certainly the case with our district. But the kicker was that it was the director of special education who was breaking these laws in the first place!! The mouse was guarding the cheese! I decided, at some point, that I would try to file a compliance complaint, for one of the dozens of times our district’s director of special education violated IDEA. I asked the director who the district’s designated compliance officer was. He said it was himself.

So, I had to file a complaint about him to him! It really was a joke. Of course he didn’t consider his actions in my complaint to be non-compliant. No surprise there.

I did it just to rattle him. But, if you are experiencing school administrators who are violating IDEA , ADA or 504, ask the director of special education who the designated compliance officer is. If (or when)  they answer that it is him/herself, forward the email on to other parents of special needs kids in your district and be sure to cc the director himself. Exposing the absurdity weakens their position against your child.


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