You Can Call a PPT Anytime


I have had clients who have not been happy, going into the summer with the proposed IEP for their child’s upcoming fall. I ask them if they have contacted the school to tell them that they have serious concerns about their child’s upcoming school year.

Most parents will say that the school told them that they would be on vacation and can’t meet until the following fall – in the new school year. Of course, by that time, the year has started with your child being given the IEP that you had serious concerns with.

The school is not allowed to deny a PPT prior to the new year, if a parent rejects the proposed IEP and requests a PPT early in the summer. Whether or not the team is on vacation is irrelevant. If you request it, and give a reasonable time frame to them (like a month) they must honor your request in order for your child to start the school year with an IEP you can approve.

Never take “no” for an answer if you feel your child does not have what he or she needs to thrive in school.



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