Getting Related Services


Is there a service that you think your child needs in school that he or she is not getting? Has a professional outside of school told you the same thing?

There are several ways to get the school to provide a specific service for your child. The “right’ way is to go back to the PLAAFP pages (Present Levels of Performance) and be sure the disability that you think requires the special service is mentioned clearly.  For instance, if your child has severe challenges just holding a pencil, he would likely require Occupational Therapy (OT) in school to learn.

The PLAAFP pages should mention this deficiency in the Fine/Gross Motor section and describe how the problem affects his ability to learn. If it is there, you should be able to easily justify and get this service for your child. If it is not mentioned, call a PPT meeting (parents can do this any time). At the meeting, have his teacher describe how he holds a pencil, and, if she is truthful, the team should be able to see that your child needs OT to learn basic educational skills like holding a pencil.

Sometimes the deficit is purposefully missing from the PLAAFP pages because they know it would mean your child needs OT, and they are being stingy with the services (usually because of expense, and/or lack of access to a professional in this field.)

Bring in a note from an outside professional who agrees that this service is needed. If necessary, video tape your child struggling to hold a pencil and bring it in to the PPT. Concrete evidence such as a video is hard to ignore.


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