Schools Must Be Transparent


One tool I use to keep schools doing the right thing for special needs children is hold them accountable for their actions. As a public Agency that receives federal and state funds, they are accountable to you and to the public for all their actions.

If your child’s “team” makes a decision for your child, that is against your better judgement, ask them why. If you don’t like the answer or disagree with it, ask them by what authority they made their decision.

If they deny a request, ask them by what authority they  make the denial. When they give you an answer, such as, Board Policy, ask to see that specific policy. Asking these specifics keeps their feet to the fire. They must be able to justify every decision they make if it is against your judgement of what is good for you child.

You have every right to ask these questions and pinpoint where they get their authority – or pinpoint where they have Overstepped their authority.


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