Is Your Child’s IEP Being Implemented?


It is not always easy to develop and agree upon an IEP for your child. The substance of the IEP is often the reason for difficult PPT meetings and due process hearings. But equally important is the implementation of the IEP. Unfortunately, specifics of IEPs are frequently loosely followed in school, at best.

This is a big problem when an agreed-upon constellation of services and modifications, equipment, etc. are not being given to a child who needs them to learn. Further, it is not easy to ensure that the school staff are properly following your child’s IEP. Parents, especially those who strongly advocate for their kids, are not really welcomed at school to observe their child’s day. I have found many districts don’t want parents to see what is going on and note any deficit in IEP implementation or any contradiction to what is told the parents at a PPT meeting.

It is important to ask your child daily if they had their services. Note any deficits he or she tells you and contact the school. If your child is non-verbal, determining whether your child’s IEP is adequately being implemented is more difficult. It is a horrible truth that many districts don’t bother to carry out much of a child’s IEP if he or she is unable to communicate this fact to his or her parents.

There are a number of ways to oversee the implementation of your child’s IEP. One of them is to put in the IEP itself a specific form of communication from which parents can check their child’s daily or weekly progress.  Another is to ask your child’s classmates and parents (whom it would be smart to befriend) what they see happening in school for your kid.

If you continue to question whether or not your child’s IEP is being followed, send frequent (but friendly) emails to service providers and teachers asking about the day’s or week’s activities with your child. This shows that you are “watching.” Unfortunately, it is the parent who interposes themselves that ensures their child’s IEP is being followed appropriately.









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