The Building Blocks of a Great IEP


In order for your child’s IEP to be properly developed, you must make sure that his/her “Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP)” pages are accurate, thorough, and contain information that is important to YOU and your child

The information on the PLAAFP pages comes from the Evaluations that the school has performed on your child. Usually, parents don’t realize that they have a say in this basic level of IEP building.

If something that you consider important is missing from the PLAAFP pages, it is up to you to be sure it gets in there. Sometimes the school will balk at your input. If, for instance, your child tests with an “IQ” below 80 – which is usually considered “intellectually disabled” but you are sure that your child really isn’t “intellectually disabled” (in the olden days this was called “retarded”) this needs to be noted in the PLAAFP so that your child is not treated as if he/she has an intellectual disability. The danger of not getting the record straight is that there may be low expectations for your child.

If the school refuses to note this on the PLAAFP pages, because there is no report or evaluation to support this, ask for an Independent Educational Evaluation immediately. Find an independent professional who will see your child’s full potential despite her test numbers. Present that at a subsequent PPT meeting – with the evaluator present – at the school’s expense – and be sure your child’s real intellectual potential is noted. This way higher expectations and goals and objectives can be developed for your child.

Parents need to be sure expectations are held as high as possible so your child can thrive. It’s up to you!






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