Don’t Take it Personally


A trap that many special education parents fall into is to take the school administrator’s and teacher’s fallacies about your child personally. It is infuriating when you realize that staff have been less than truthful about your child at his or her PPT. It feels like a personal affront and an attempt to dupe you into allowing mediocre education for your child.

It is beneficial to keep your cool and remain emotionally neutral – or at least to appear emotionally neutral. Once parents expose their emotions, school staff find it much easier to manipulate parents. It is unnerving when parents are not easily rattled. By calmly persisting in making factual and reasonable arguments why your child’s need are not being met, the school is less able to dodge providing the education that your child needs.

Don’t worry about being liked. It is important that the school staff who work with your child know you cannot be manipulated and  will persist for as long as it takes.

Special Education Advocates have an advantage because we are able to maintain emotional distance. This enables our communication with the PPT members to remain  calculated and direct in order to corral the team into doing the right thing for the special needs child.


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