Asking to Observe Your Child in School.


Parents sometimes ask to observe their special needs child in school. This may be because the parents have a hard time believing what the school is telling them about how their child is doing in school. Many times, members of the PPT team (the word team is redundant, because PPT stands for Planning and Placement Team – but many people don’t know that) will report that the child is doing fabulously, but the parents don’t see the same results at home. Parents, rightly, want to see their child in class for themselves.

Most districts will deny the request – especially if it is made by telephone. But you have the right to observe your child. When you make the request, put it in writing, and use the words “in order to be a full participant in my child’s PPT, I need to observe my child in his classroom.” Special Education law states that parents are to be full and equal participants in their child’s PPT. If you feel a need to observe your child in school in order to have sufficient information, you have the right. You just have to word the request specifically so that they cannot deny it. Use the wording above, or something similar. If they ask you “why” you feel a need to observe the child in school, you don’t have to give them an answer except that you need to in order to be a full and equal member of your child’s PPT. Stick to your guns, and don’t let them take your request on a tangent


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