Don’t Let Special Educators and Administrators Say No Without Holding Them Accountable


Special Education school administrators can be masters at manipulating parents. If we parents make a request for our child, from say, requesting an evaluation to obtaining additional services, we are very often met with a “no” and barraged with reasons that sound reasonable as to why our request was turned down.

Don’t accept the no. There are protections in place which keep schools from rejecting parent requests without providing good reasons.

If you suspect that your child may have a disability that is hindering his/her ability to learn in school, you have a right to request an evaluation. The school is obligated to respond to your request. If you call them on the phone, they may just tell you that your child is doing well enough and that an evaluation is not warranted. You don’t have to accept that answer.

Put your request in writing. Email is fine. Just make sure your request and the reasons are written down and sent to at least two staff members at your child’s school. This can be an assistant principal, and principal. Once it is in writing, the school cannot deny that you officially made the request.  This inability to deny is vital because the school is obligated to respond appropriately to a request from a parent.

If a request is not in writing; however, the school will usually act as if the request never happened.


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