To Win in Special Education you must Put Everything In Writing


When I first realized the absolute necessity of putting everything in writing when it comes to winning in special education, I was furious and frustrated. Furious because of all the times I would leave a meeting or conversation under the impression that something important was granted by the school for my child – only to find out later that they never intended to grant it.

Frustrated because it is hard enough growing a family with a child with significant special needs, attending meetings, doctor’s appointments, and trying to wrap my head around what will help my child, without having to take the huge chunk of time and energy to document every little conversation and meeting with the school. Who has time for that?

Unfortunately, it is true that “if it is not in writing, it never happened”. So it is absolutely necessary to document every conversation with all school staff if you want to get the education your child is entitled to and deserves.

This is why many parents just give up or hire an attorney whom they hope will document everything accurately and to your child’s best advantage.  That is what I did at first.

Giving up does not help your child, and hiring an attorney is very expensive. Additionally, in all my experience, I have never encountered an attorney who cares as much about your child as you do and who will treat your child’s case with the vigor and passion that you alone can give.

Having written thousands of documentation letters, I have become highly skilled and my letters produce excellent results.  As your advocate, I can take on this burden for you. I quickly write concise non-emotional letters that stymie school administrators and greatly increase your child’s chances of obtaining the best education he or she can get.

It has been my experience that a skilled advocate is fiercer and obtains superior results to attorneys. When I finally challenged my district alone, myself, without any more lawyers billing me for their time, I finally obtained dramatic and swift results for my daughter.

~Nikki Zeoli



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