Welcome to Winning Special Education Advocacy from PPT to Due Process


As the title suggests, I am a passionate and fierce advocate for special education children and parents

Being suddenly thrust into the world of special education, most parents are overwhelmed, frightened for their children’s future, and unsure how to obtain the best education and preparation for adulthood for their special needs children.

Often school districts do not make the process any easier. Special Education Administrators are Masters at delaying and denying a free appropriate public education (FAPE) for special needs children in their district.

My daughter’s school district is notoriously nasty to special education parents.  However, over ten years of being tortured, denied, manipulated, and even lied to, I have learned how to Take On school districts and compel them to do the right thing for special education children.

We were losing our daughter five years ago.  I say “losing”  her because she was shutting down, tuning out the world that did not understand her at all, that did not understand how to teach her so she would learn.  She was almost permanently “zoned out”.

Over this last decade, I have learned how to fight our nasty district and win! My daughter is now thriving.  By strategically using the special education laws to outsmart our district, they are now providing excellent services and have purchased all the durable medical equipment she needs to succeed in school.

I have since had the opportunity to use my hard and painfully learned knowledge to help many families in my area obtain a better education for their special needs children. This has been one of the most satisfying and gratifying achievements of my life.

Please contact me if you would like help getting the best education for your special needs child. nikki_p_zeoli@sbcglobal.net   (203)400-3127

Nikki Zeoli  


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